Apache Disposal, Inc a locally owned Texas Business

We are headquartered in Marion, Texas with locations in Houston. We have over 30 years in the Waste Management industry. We are a HUB certified business for the State of Texas.

Apache Disposal, Inc is a full service soiled waste company specializing in:

      • Solid Waste Transportation
      • Emergency Response
      • Residential Disposal Services
      • Commercial Roll Off and Container Disposal Services
      • Industrial Disposal Services
      • Recycling
      • Demolition Services
      • Transportation (Truck Hauling) Services

We are committed to keeping your city and our state green by:

      • Waste reduction
      • Cost reduction initiatives
      • Reduce cost and improve efficiency
      • Ask about our recycling program


Apache Disposal, Inc.
PO Box 470
Marion, TX 78214
Office: 830.914.3900 * Fax 830.914.3904
email: info@apachedisposal.com